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Emollivet SPOT - Spray for horses and dogs with insect bites or other local skin irritations such as hotspots

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SPOT is a spray for both dogs and horses with insect bites, eczema or other local skin irritations. A triple action spray that is both anti-itch, cooling and bactericidal. Can be applied quickly and easily at home or out in nature, completely without smearing, drying and working time.

Insect bites, summer eczema and moisture eczema, also known as hotspots, are common skin irritations that cause itching in horses and dogs during the summer months. When itching occurs, it is important to clean and soften the affected area regularly to avoid further itching and to prevent bacteria from taking hold and worsening the condition.

With SPOT , it is easy to take care of your animal's skin problems on a daily basis. SPOT is sprayed directly on the affected area and dries quickly. It only takes a few seconds to apply and you can easily reach into folds, the root of the tail and other areas that are normally hard to reach. As no washing is required, you can easily take care of the skin problem directly in the garden or in nature.

SPOT is a triple-action spray that contains menthol, which has a cooling and anti-itch effect on painful areas, chlorhexidine, which kills bacteria, and lipids from soybeans, which soften the skin. The product is based on the patented AKVANO® technology, which enables the active ingredients to be sprayed directly on the skin without washing and ointments. This means that you as an animal owner do not need to touch the affected area unnecessarily, which creates less irritation for the animal and less mess for you as an animal owner.

The bottle has a continuous spray function that works equally well in all directions and angles thanks to its Bag-On-Valve technology. This provides the same benefits as a regular aerosol, but without the dangerous propellant.

With daily use, 100 ml of SPOT is enough for up to 10 weeks (calculated at 3 seconds per use).

SPOT has been developed in collaboration with pet owners, veterinarians and formulation experts.

User Manual SPOT:

  1. Spray the affected area with a thin layer at a distance of 10-15 cm.
  2. Allow to evaporate. No washing or touching up required.
  3. Repeat 1-3 times per day, depending on the condition. Consult a veterinarian.

Denatured ethyl alcohol, lipids from soya bean, lactic acid, menthol, chlorhexidine digluconate (0.2%), vitamin E.

Animal health products are classified as chemical products and are therefore labeled according to current regulations. Here you will find complete product information.

The product should not be used by animals that are hypersensitive/allergic to soy.

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Frågor och svar Emollivet SPOT

Användarmanual SPOT:

  1. Spraya det drabbade området med ett tunt skikt på 10-15 cm avstånd.
  2. Låt dunsta. Ingen tvätt eller beröring krävs.
  3. Upprepa 1-3 gånger per dag, beroende på åkomma. Rådfråga veterinär.

Det beror på hur stort det drabbade området är och hur mycket du väljer att spraya. Vid daglig användning räcker 100 ml SPOT i upp till 10 veckor (beräknat på 3 sekunder per användning).

Våra produkter riktar sig till djur och klassas då som kemiska produkter. Vi gör alltid ett gediget regulatoriskt arbete i vår produktutveckling för att följa de lagar som finns för kemiska produkter och ha de varningssymboler som krävs. Vill du veta mer kontakta oss gärna på info@emollivet.se

Våra produkter är så enkla att använda att du kan ta hand om ditt djurs hudproblem varje dag. Använd Emollivets spray varje dag i 30 dagar. Är du inte nöjd får du pengarna tillbaka. Maila oss i så fall på info@emollivet.se.

Ja det går bra men man ska dock inte spruta för långt in i hörselgången.